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For every bottle of Indira purchased for this cocktail we donate 5% of the sale to support breast cancer prevention awareness through the GREAT program (learn more below). Click here to purchase Indira. DABS #927043

Fight Like A Girl (FLAG) Cocktail GOALS:

-To change the healthcare policy around genetic testing for preventable cancers.

-To raise awareness about the accessibility of over-the-counter at-home genetic testing.

    Why Fight?

    When Tara Jasper, the founder of Sipsong Spirits, conceived the idea of creating a cocktail to raise awareness about cancer prevention through genetic testing, she was in the midst of her own battle for survival. Diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, she realized that timely genetic testing may have prevented her ordeal. Six years earlier, at the time of her mother's death from breast cancer, she requested genetic testing but was informed that it was unnecessary. Unfortunately, this narrative persists today, with many individuals being advised against genetic testing. Currently, nearly 10% of breast cancer cases and 15% of ovarian cancer cases, totaling just over 30,000 instances annually in the United States, could be prevented. You may recall Angelina Jolie's revelation of her BRCA gene mutation in 2013; it is mutations like these, including BRCA gene carriers and others, that are the focus of our discussion.

    Why serve Fight Like A Girl?

    This cocktail is a call to action! By serving this cocktail, you are increasing awareness of how to prevent potentially life-threatening cancers, especially breast and ovarian cancers. With every bottle of Indira gin purchased to serve FLAG cocktails, Sipsong is donating 5% of sales to fund the study that we believe will prove the life-saving value of genetic testing for all. So far, we have raised almost half a million dollars with FLAG and our event Gin and Genes!!! All funds go to the GREAT program (Genetic Risk Evaluation and Testing) and is run by Sutter of Northern California. Our goal with the study is to provide data to prove we need a policy change for access to genetic testing for all.

    Learn more about the GREAT Program here

    The Recipe and full story about how FLAG came to be...

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