Distilling the moment.

Sipsong means to follow your intuition, your inner wisdom. We hope that when you have a sip of our specialty gins, it will slow you down so you can hear your inner wisdom, your Sipsong.

We are located in Northern California just an hour north of the San Francisco Bay in beautiful Sonoma County. We are fortunate to be surrounded by all things rich in flavor, whether it be food meticulously prepared by some of the worlds finest chefs, or world class wineries. Our founder, Tara Jasper, grew up here in this flavor-topia. She has spent the last 40 years traveling the world, yet has always found herself returning to this place of abundant epicurean bliss, amazed that she gets to live here. She has always been searching for a way to share Sonoma County with the world. Following her heart all these years has led her to create Sipsong. We truly are ‘Distilling The Moment’ TM: the moment when you taste something you never want to forget, whether it be a cocktail that found just the right balance or the perfect gin for your tonic. We craft our small batch spirits for the most refined palate in search of that moment of pure bliss.