Indira Gin:

After months of trying every botanical we could think of we fell in love with 13 botanicals playfully balanced and distilled with grape spirit. We use an Arnold Holstein pot still that is 100% copper with a steam jacket. The grape spirit is completely neutral but adds a touch of sweetness and brightens the botanicals.

Tasting Notes:

Aromas of Italian Juniper, lavender, bay, coriander, lime, kefir lime, cumin.

On the palate., Italian Juniper, coriander, angelica root, moroccan sweet orange, bay, lavender, lime, hibiscus with a pink peppercorn finish.





Perfect Pairings:

~Gin Tonic

    Either fever tree light or Mediterranean 

~French 75


~Blackberry Bramble


~Gin Mary


Spring Gin:

Only made once a year when Spring first hits and everything in Sonoma County is in bloom. See if you have any in stock, or join the sipper's to be sure you don't miss the chance to have your own bottle. Favorite gin for an Aviation cocktail or a Last Word.


Harvest Gin:

Made with fresh Cashmere hops from Alexander Valley Hops! So delicious earthy and herbaceous... and also only available in fall until we run out! This is our dry martini favorite!