Cider Spritz

Here's my favorite drink to serve so far this fall. It's so easy guests can even mix it themselves! Thanks to Sunset Magazine's 2018 Thanksgiving edition for the inspiration! I took their recipe and added gin and a touch of bitters to deepen the flavor and it's fabulous! I'm hosting 24 family and friends this year and this is what we'll be staring with.


1.5 oz Angelino Amaro

1 oz Indira Gin

4 oz Dry Apple Cider 

2-3 drops Cherry Vanilla Bitters by Monarch


Mix amaro and gin and place in a beautiful serving pitcher with a pretty stir spoon like this. Then have the cider on ice near buy. Your guests pour gin/amaro mixture over ice then add cider to taste then top with a few drops of monarch bitter and viola! Pro Tip: make a cute chalkboard sign with the instructions! Have a bowl of oranges and a peeler near by for people to garnish their own. This is a perfect cocktail to start out your Thanksgiving festivities!!! Cheers!