The Alchemy of Gin

Edible Marin & Wine Country

Feb 19, 2019


 Spring is my favorite season. It always feels so full of potential—the kind of potential that must make its way into the world, no matter what.

Herbs, my greatest passion, are also abundant in spring. In the forest and in the garden, the appearance of tender herb sprouts amongst the winter-barren landscape assures us that life has, once again, prevailed.

If there is a spirit of spring, it’s gin—potently alive with herbaceous botanical flavors. Especially in the hands of a gifted distiller. Gins and gin cocktails are all over the food and drink news these days, and our area is right there amongst the buzz. There are a handful of new and exceptional gin distillers here in Edible Marin & Wine Country-land and a crew of talented mixologists who are turning their spirits into uniquely delicious cocktails.

As spring approached this year, my thirst for gin-based libations germinated, so I headed to my favorite local watering hole, Healdsburg’s Duke’s Spirited Cocktails, to get a jump start on the season. Laura Sanfilippo and Tara Heffernon, two of the three co-founders of Duke’s, take an almost nerdy scientific approach to crafting their wildly creative cocktails. They’re also fellow herb geeks and ardent supporters of the local agricultural scene, offering one of the most extensive farm-to-glass drink menus around.


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